Below is a base price list for our celebration cakes. Please note that these prices do not include GST, or decorations such as floral arrangements and cake toppers. Every cake is unique and requires different amounts of skill and time to execute. Please contact us for a detailed quote! 

Custom acrylic cake topper    from $30

Floral arrangement                   from $45 (Price varies with cake size)

Macarons                                    $3 each / + 50c gold paint detail

Gold leaf 24k                             $8 per sheet

Hand painted gold drip          from $25 (Price varies with cake size)

Buttercream stencil                  $15 per tier 



Single tier

5" round from $105*

10 dessert portion

20 finger portion

6" round from $135*

15 dessert portion

30 finger portion

7" round from $190* 

30 dessert portion 

60 finger portion

8" round from $250* 

40 dessert portion

80 finger portion

Two tier 

From $280* 

35 dessert portion

70 finger portion


Three tier

From $480* 

60 dessert portion

120 finger portion

More sizes available

on quote request*


Mini (min 24)                                      $2.50 each

Standard buttercream (min 12)     $4 each

Decoration                                           $4.50 each

Flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, Red velvet, Lemon, Coconut

                    GF chocolate, GF vanilla 

Min of 12 per flavour / or 24 per flavour for mini




Per unit (min 12)                                                       $4.50

Packaged in sealed cellophane bag                      $5   


Shapes: Heart, circle, hexagon 




  Petite Crumb only offers delivery within Brisbane / 

  greater Brisbane - Price starting from $40 *



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